A Dive Into the Uyghur Language

Uyghur Language

What is the Uyghur Language? Uyghur, or Uyghur tili, is a Turkick language formerly known as Eastern Turki spoken by around 10 to 15 million people, primarily in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in northwest China. Uyghur is predominantly written in a modified version of the Arabic script, however, speakers and writers may switch between […]

10 Books to Learn AAVE aka Black English

10 Books to Learn AAVE aka Black English

Looking to learn about African American Vernacular English (AAVE) aka “Black English” or “Ebonics”? Below are some of the best books you can purchase in order to familiarize yourself with the history, structure, and usage of African American Vernacular English. Some of these books are linguistic overviews, others are stories written in AAVE. 1. Talking […]

5 Must-Have Books for Learning Pashto in 2022

5 Must-Have Books to Buy in 2021 to Learn the Pashto Language

Learning the Pashto language can be quite challenging for those who are interested to master it since the language is difficult to learn for native English speakers. Additionally, it has a unique set of grammar rules and sentence structures different from English, not to mention the lack of available resources makes it even harder to […]

6 Books to Help You Master Kurmanji

6 Books to Help You Master Kurmanji

As a part of our language digest series, we are working to create a massive library of resources that language learners can use to find the best books for their target language. This article will focus on books to help learners of the Kurdish language – Kurmanji. #1 My First Kurdish Kurmanji Alphabets – Picture […]

A Complete Summary of Kurmanji


Overview of the Kurmanji Dialect Kurmanji is a Western Iranian language, which comes from the Indo-Iranian language family, which makes it an Indo-European language. Other Western Iranian languages include Sorani, and Gorani (these are other Kurdish languages as well). Who Speaks Kurmanji? Spoken by 60% of all ethnic Kurds, Kurmanji is the most widely spoken […]

Read This HebrewPod101 Review Before Signing Up

an honest review of hebrewpod101

HebrewPod101 is a branch of the Innovative Language series that provides interactive and consistent content for the Hebrew language. The course is perfect for practically all levels and is especially good for beginners and intermediates. Their wide variety of infographs, compact lessons, podcasts, and blogs make them a reputable language learning brand. In this article […]

An Easy Digest of African American Vernacular English

African American Vernacular English

What is African American Vernacular English (AAVE)? What does AAVE mean? AAVE stands for African American Vernacular English, which is a dialect of Standard American English that is primarily spoken by the black community of the United States. You’ll commonly hear it in cities across America and on SoundCloud. Please note that AAVE is not […]

6 Best Books to Learn Yiddish

6 books to learn yiddish

Are you looking for the top books to improve your Yiddish? Well we’ve done the research find you the 6 best books to learn Yiddish in 2020. These books will help you grasp the standard or academic Yiddish variant in 4-6 weeks of moderate study. If you’re looking for how to start learning the language, […]

5 Instagram Accounts to Follow if You’re Learning Hebrew

5 Instagram accounts to follow to learn hebrew

Are you looking to improve your Hebrew using social media? A quick dose of Hebrew when you open up Instagram will help you in your exposure method to the language. We found these five Instagram accounts to upload consistent and in-depth content that will supplement your Hebrew learning experience. #1 SpeakWith Ofir Follow: @speakwith_ Speak […]