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Read This HebrewPod101 Review Before Signing Up

HebrewPod101 is a branch of the Innovative Language series that provides interactive and consistent content for the Hebrew language. The course is perfect for practically all levels and is especially good for beginners and intermediates. Their wide variety of infographs, compact lessons, podcasts, and blogs make them a reputable language learning brand. In this article we’ll cover the pros and cons of both the FREE and PAID versions of HebrewPod101.

Quick Overview of HebrewPod101 Features

If you’re new to the Hebrew language, then HebrewPod101 is a great choice for you to begin your journey. Their web and mobile platforms offer in-depth videos and course notes that cover the alphabet (alef-bet), audio lessons that are roughly 15 minutes long, survival phrases, core vocabulary, pronunciation guides, and rich podcasts complemented with thoroughly written blogs. On-top of that, their visuals help to internalize and understand key concepts being explained.

Quick list of lessons on HebrewPod101

Who is it Good for?

HebrewPod101 is good for you if you enjoy the “modern” approach to learning languages. In other words, if you enjoy looking at videos, infographs, and interactive lessons.

  • Visual learners
  • Auditory learners
  • Self-starters
  • Those who want reputable products
  • Travelers and language enthusiasts
  • Those who want to achieve intermediate or upper-intermediate fluency

You’ll find that their survival phrases and daily conversation practice (can be found on their YouTube channel as well) provides in-depth and real-world value. So if you’re learning a language on your own then HebrewPod101 is especially good for you!

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Who is it NOT Good for?

If you’re the bookworm type, or really want to get started speaking the language (with a native speaker) then you may want to consider alternatives. HebrewPod101 designs their lessons with lots of visuals and sound effects which can be offputting to those who are more “old-fashioned” when it comes to learning vocabulary and grammar.

Oh the days of textbooks and grammar books are soon to be a thing of the past… unless you’re like me in which case you’ll find the new trend of interactive courses to be a little uncomfortable and can take some getting used to. All-in-all this course is NOT good for you if:

  • You prefer to learn through books
  • You prefer to learn grammar and syntax
  • You want to get straight to the point
  • You want to speak with a native speaker

This isn’t to say that HebrewPod101 is lacking in these areas by accident, it’s designed that way. Their aim is to target the new, “modern” way of learning through interactive lessons and quizzes. So if you’re from the old-school of language learning, you may find that their platform is not right for you.

Should I Use the FREE or PAID Version of HebrewPod101?

The beauty of HebrewPod101, and all of Innovative Language’s courses for that matter, is the amount of content available entirely for free! Beginners and dabblers of Hebrew are able to start their journey at no cost (sure you have to subscribe to their mailing list, but hey they do publish good content). That being said, their paid version is definitely a good option, especially when you see that their basic plan starts at $4/mo (as of June 2020).

What features and benefits do free users get?

  • Hebrew Word of the Day (from their mailing list)
  • 100 of the most common words (good for vocabulary building)
  • Access to the most recent lessons going back three (3) weeks.
  • Access to the video library
  • Random lessons every Thursday (Throwback Thursday)
  • New users also get a 7-day FREE trial period for the Premium version.

When Should I Switch to the Paid Version?

Dabblers and beginners who are ready to take the language more seriously should definitely consider purchasing one of the three paid versions of HebrewPod101. Here is a breakdown of the three plans offered (billed annually):

  • Basic – $4/mo (Good for those on a budget, and or those looking to swim in the language a little more)
  • Premium – $10/mo (Good for those who are serious about the language and have a few dollars to invest)
  • Premium PLUS – $23/mo (Good for those who are serious about the language and want full access to a wide array of tools and resources)

How Should Beginners and Intermediates Use HebrewPod101?

Beginners may find the structured approach HebrewPod101 uses to be of great effectiveness. This is because each lesson contains real-life vocabulary within 10-15 minutes per lesson, and a great deal of content is based around learning the alphabet and basic phrases to get you started. For those of you with a more intermediate level of Hebrew, you’ll find their wide range of vocabulary and lessons to be a rich goldmine.

While the videos are certainly of great help, the lessons can be understood without looking at them. You can play the lessons while you’re taking a walk, or driving (just be sure not to get too distracted!)

hebrew pod 101 dashboard review

For maximum effect, we recommend going through no more than 2 lessons a day. Yes, there are those of you polyglots who do nothing but study languages but you risk either a) tiring your brain out, or b) getting bored of the platform. Remember, language learning is a marathon, not a race.

Basic vs. Premium vs. Premium PLUS

For those of you who can’t decide which plan is right for you, we’ve researched what pros and cons of each plan to help you make an informative decision as to which plan you should go with!

Click here to see a full breakdown of each plan’s features offered by HebrewPod101.

Is the Basic Plan Right for You?

If you’re new to the Hebrew language you may want to begin testing the waters with the basic plan. This is because the basic plan gives you unlimited access to all videos, with their lesson notes. Their notes give you guidance as to when to use certain vocabulary, written explanation of grammar points and for those who are learning the Hebrew alphabet, you can find printable practice sheets for your writing.

So if you’re just starting out with the language, and are able to invest a few bucks a month, then the basic plan is right for you!

Is the Premium Version Right for You?

If you’ve dabbled with Hebrew and are ready to commit to the language for a few minutes a day, then we highly recommend going with the premium version. This is because you will gain access to roughly 2,000 vocabulary words and phrases. which for those of you who didn’t know, is roughly the equivalent of B1 fluency. Aside from the vocabulary, the method of learning switches from being passive, to active. You will be presented with flashcards that specialize in spaced repetition (Check out our blog, “Why is Spaced Repetition so Effective“)

Here are some more key features you’ll unlock with the Premium Version

  • Voice recording tools (compare yourself with native speakers)
  • Interactive quizzes based on lessons
  • Personalized word bank
  • Spaced repetition flashcards

So if you’re familiar with the language and are confident in your ability to work hard and stick with the program, then you will likely be satisfied with your decision to purchase the premium version.

Is the Premium PLUS Version Right for You?

For those of you willing to invest in your language learning AND those that enjoy the modern, and interactive approach to learning a language, the Premium PLUS version will likely meet and exceed your expectations.

With the Premium PLUS version you’ll get access to everything in the above versions, AND access to a real Hebrew teacher, with a personalized learning program and regular assignments to help you progress quickly and effectively.

So for those of you who want to have everything meshed into one thorough platform, the Premium PLUS version is for you.

Final Summary

If you’re dabbling with the idea of learning Hebrew, and or don’t know where to start, then consider signing up for the free version of HebrewPod101 (remember, as of June 2020 they are offering a free-trial of the Premium version!) And for those of you who are serious about learning the language, but are on a budget, you’ll find that their basic and even premium plans are a great way to dive into the language. Finally, for those who have the budget and want everything under one umbrella, there’s the Premium PLUS option. We hope you enjoyed our HebrewPod101 review, be sure to follow us on our Instagram and YouTube channel for more language content!

If you’re ready to signup with HebrewPod101 you can click here to get started. (uses our affiliate link to signup)

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