An Overview of Mongolian

Other Language Digest Articles The Slovenian Language Complete Summary of Kurmanji What to Know About Levantine Arabic What is Yemeni-Arabic? What is the Mongolian Language?

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8 Best books to learn slovenian

8 Best Books to Learn Slovenian

Many individuals these days express their interest and willingness to learn a foreign language. Whatever the reason may be, learning foreign languages can bring enormous

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A Complete Summary of Kurmanji

Overview of the Kurmanji Dialect Kurmanji is a Western Iranian language, which comes from the Indo-Iranian language family, which makes it an Indo-European language. Other

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What is the Pashto Language?

Pashto, Pashtu, Paktho, or Pakhtu is an Eastern Iranian language. Eastern Iranian languages are a sub-family of the Indo-European language group which includes a boatload

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