About KOJII Languages

KOJII is a brand designed to promote minority languages, collect data on: bilinguals, language enthusiasts, and polyglots., and to innovate, using this data, the way we learn language. Languages such as Akateko, Nahuatl, Ladino, and other languages that are ignored in our daily lives carry with them, priceless, bits of wisdom, culture and unique ways of thinking. It is our mission to not necessarily preserve the language, but rather promote awareness that said language holds within its roots and culture, mines of gold that can unlock new ways of mainstream thinking. 

Collecting data on bilinguals, and language learners... in a NEW fashion

There are plenty of formal studies conducted by universities and various institutions out there, and thanks to modern technology that information is more accessible now than ever before. The problem is that people who speak a second language, whether from as a child, or self-study, are often interviewed and studied privately. Our focus is to provide a platform in which bilinguals, and language learners can share their story… to the public. 

Innovating the Language Learning Process

As of April 2nd 2020, we are  still in the early stages of development, but our aim is to provide software or sets of software, that can increase the effectiveness of language learning. By using large sets of data, we can create a personalized language learning system tailored to the needs of each individual. The issue is not access to resources, we have mad massive improvements to that issue over the past two decades, but rather the issue how to utilize those resources in a mind cluttering world.