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A brand focused on promoting minority languages, and innovating the language learning process. 

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A Complete Summary of Kurmanji

Overview of the Kurmanji Dialect Kurmanji is a Western Iranian language, which comes from the Indo-Iranian language family, which makes it an Indo-European language. Other

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What is the Pashto Language?

Pashto, Pashtu, Paktho, or Pakhtu is an Eastern Iranian language. Eastern Iranian languages are a sub-family of the Indo-European language group which includes a boatload

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What is KOJII?

KOJII is a brand designed to accomplish two things: develop awareness of minority languages, and innovate the language learning process to make language acquisition accessible to anyone on the planet. 

Are we preserving or promoting?

Just like anything else, languages come and go over the course of thousands of years. Many languages spoken over a thousand years ago play little to no role in modern society. We are not interested in “preserving” these languages as in having thousands of people speak such small languages, but rather, we are interested in promoting these languages and giving them recognition. Many languages carry with them, unimaginable riches in literature, philosophy, science and culture. Languages that are spoken by few are often overlooked, and because these languages and their cultures are overlooked, we miss out on incredible opportunities for communal growth. 

How can we innovate the language learning process?

When it comes to language learning, there is no “one size fits all” solution. In schools and large group training, language is often poorly taught and the teaching methods are ineffective. However, with modern technology and vast resources, this process can be narrowed down to fit the exact needs and desires of each individual. We are working to develop a platform in which users can learn language much more effectively, by data-driven and personalized approaches.

Grew up Speaking a Second Language? Share YOUR Story!

Currently we are interviewing anyone who has grown up speaking a second language. Whether you spoke a second language as a little kid, or lived in a foroeign country, we’d love to have you share your story! This interview will be between 10-15 minutes and uploaded to YouTube. Any language is accepted, however we are actively looking for speakers in the following languages: Yiddish, Pashto, Urdu, Farsi, Ladino, Mongolian, and Hungarian.