5 Lithuanian Book you need to buy in 2021 to master speaking, writing and reading

5 Books Lithuanian Language Learners Need to Buy in 2022

We have received a lot of positive feedback from our Best Hebrew Books and Best Yiddish Books in the past several months, we decided to make a a list of the best Lithuanian books for language learners to buy in the coming year.

Choosing Books to Read

Whether you’re new to language learning or you’re a polyglot looking to learn a new one under your belt, learning Lithuanian is no easy task. First of all, Lithuanian is not a commonly spoken language, so the number and variety of resources available are severely limited.

Worry no more! We have gathered the top 5 Lithuanian books you should add to your cart today to begin or enhance your journey to mastering the language. We’ve included Amazon links and average reviews to help you decide which books are right for you. Read on for further details! 

#1 Lithuanian Vocabulary for English Speakers

Do you have a prior background in the Lithuanian language? Do you want to widen your knowledge and strengthen your vocabulary? While there are many things to learn, it’s always a great time to explore as many Lithuanian words as possible, and this Lithuanian Vocabulary for English Speakers can be a lifesaver. Consisting of more than 9000 Lithuanian words, this book is the go-to option for beginners. Unlike English dictionaries, Lithuanian Vocabulary for English Speakers arranges words according to their meaning. You will find the book organized by topic rather than alphabetical order! 

Lithuanian Vocabulary for English Speakers – Amazon 

#2 Lithuanian-English/English-Lithuanian Practical Dictionary

Another must-have book for both beginners and advanced learners is Lithuanian-English/English-Lithuanian Practical Dictionary. Let’s admit it. Understanding Lithuanian vocabulary is nerve-wracking, especially when you are not a native speaker. This 2-way Lithuanian-English dictionary has you covered. Considered the most comprehensive Lithuanian book by many in the language community, Lithuanian-English/English-Lithuanian Practical Dictionary consists of more than 18,000 entries, making it a top favorite for many Lithuanian learners. 

Lithuanian-English/English-Lithuanian Practical Dictionary – Amazon 

#3 Lithuanian: A Comprehensive Grammar (1st Edition)

To be a good English speaker, one must have a good command of the language, both written and oral. Lithuanian is no exception. If you want to be a Lithuanian expert, or at least speak clearly, learning grammar will play a significant role in molding your skills. While there are many resources online, nothing can beat a book written by a professional just like Lithuanian: A Comprehensive Grammar. What sets it apart from other books is that it includes comprehensive information on parts of speech, grammatical structures, semantic categories, and more. Routledge also always produces excellent grammar outlines like they do for Yiddish, Hebrew, and other minority languages.

Lithuanian: A Comprehensive Grammar (1st Edition) – Amazon 

English – Lithuanian for Beginners (Book 2)

Are you a beginner learner of the language? It’s tempting for new learners to jump into more difficult concepts, but if you don’t feel comfortable forming basic sentences yet, English – Lithuanian for Beginners (Book 2) should be on top of your list. Available in different languages, the book consists of at least 100 short chapters. It covers the basic vocabulary without requiring any prior knowledge of grammar. That’s not all! It discusses the steps on how to use simple structures and speak complete sentences. It is also available at a competitive rate that won’t cause you a fortune (as of 2020). 

English – Lithuanian for Beginners – Amazon

#5 Colloquial Lithuanian: The Complete Course for Beginners (1st Ed.)

Would this list be complete without a mention of the Colloquial series?

If you are searching for a Lithuanian coursebook, don’t look further than Colloquial Lithuanian: The Complete Course for Beginners, 1st edition.

From a number of exercises, grammar notes, pronunciation guide to the reference section, the book has them all. Written by sought-after teachers in the field of education, Colloquial Lithuanian: The Complete Course for Beginners is perfect for class use or even self-study. Made to be a step-by-step guide, the book can help you communicate in Lithuanian as effectively as possible. What else? A 120-minute audio material is included in the package, which is a great deal already for everyone looking to improve their Lithuanian. 

Colloquial Lithuanian: The Complete Course for Beginners (1st Edition) – Amazon 

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