6 Books to Help You Master Kurmanji

6 Books to Help You Master Kurmanji

As a part of our language digest series, we are working to create a massive library of resources that language learners can use to find the best books for their target language. This article will focus on books to help learners of the Kurdish language – Kurmanji.

#1 My First Kurdish Kurmanji Alphabets – Picture Book

This hardcover book is designed primarily for beginner learners of the language. While many language learners (especially those in the polyglot community) prefer the traditional hardcover, college textbook-style books, this kids book is an easy to digest introductory book to the Kurmanji alphabet with some sentence examples. You’ll be able to learn the basics of the language and how words are pronounced.

my first kurdish kurmanji alphabets

My First Kurdish Kurmanji Alphabets – Picture Book – Amazon Link

#2 Compact Kurdish – Kurmanji Textbook with Exercises

This more traditional grammar book goes in-depth into the Kurmanji language structure. People who have used this book recommend having some familiarity with the Kurdish language and know the basics of reading and writing. This is not a book for absolute beginners but rather for those who are serious about learning the language and have some basic knowledge. With 19 chapters, you can rest assured you’ll be getting rich and authentic Kurmanji knowledge to improve your skillset.

Compact Kurdish - Kurmanji Textbook with Exercises

Compact Kurdish – Kurmanji – Amazon Link

#3 A Basic Course in Modern Kurmanji

With so few courses and texts teaching the Kurmanji language, this book is a gem for those who are looking to learn the Kurdish dialect/language.

The book covers a large array of vocabulary words, phrases and breaks down the grammar into easy to digest chapters. This book is perfect for those who are beginners and looking to gain a solid understanding in the language.

A Basic Course in Modern Kurmanji

A Basic Course in Modern Kurmanji – Amazon Link

#4 Kurdish Picture Dictionary -Kurmanji

Written in a kid-style fashion, this picture dictionary is an excellent tool for those looking to “passively” learn Kurmanji. Images and graphics are a great way for people to learn a language, especially in the early days of exposure. You will feel a sense of accomplishment being able to put words and phrases to images.

We highly recommend any learner of Kurmanji pick this book up today to help them master the language.

Kurdish Picture Dictionary -Kurmanji

Kurdish Picture Dictionary – Kurmanji – Amazon Link

#5 SERKEFTIN! A1-A2: Kurdish Course Book With Exercises

While there is currently no ‘Colloquial Kurmanji’ there is this course book by Murat Baran. In this 16 chapter book, Murat Baran covers in great detail the beginning steps to mastering Kurmanji. It’s probably the closest thing we have to a ‘Colloquial’ or ‘Teach Yourself’ series for Kurmanji and is a must have for beginner learners.

The text is straight to the point, with some colorized sections (not overly colorful that it seems cheesy and takes away from the learning experience).

SERKEFTIN! A1-A2: Kurdish Course Book With Exercises

SERKEFTIN A1-A2 Kurdish Course Book – Amazon Link

#6 Kurdish Grammar: Kurmanji Reference Book

Written by the same author as the book above, this Kurdish grammar reference serves as a handy helper to anyone who is taking Kurmanji seriously. However, it is recommended that you have some prior knowledge before purchasing this book, or at least have enrolled in other courses or purchased other Kurmanji books in order to fully understand the concepts of this book.

Kurdish Grammar: Kurmanji Reference Book

Kurdish Grammar by Murat Baran – Amazon Link

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