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Nature in Hebrew 36 Must Know Words

Looking to expand your Hebrew vocabulary? Well we’ve put together a list of 36 words you can use during your hike that are related to nature and the great outdoors.

The Hebrew word for nature is טֶבַע and is pronounced teva

36 Words Related to Nature

Quick Overview of Israeli Climate and Nature

Israel has quite a diverse landscape for such a small country. In the south you can find vast deserts, to the east you can find the Dead Sea, and in the north you can find snow-capped mountains.

When going outside whether on a tour, or hiking with Hebrew speaking friends, you can use the following words to enhance your experience in the great outdoors! (Example phrases below)

Hebrew Nouns Related to the Great Outdoors

hike (m) – טיול tiyul
sun (f) – שמש shemesh
cloud (m) – ענן – anan
flower (m) – פרח perech
rock (mineral, m) – סלע sela
tree (m) – עץ ets
grass (m) – דשא deshe
moon (m) – ירח yare’ach
campground (m) – אתר מחנאות atar machanut
water (m) – מים mayim
river – נהר nahar
food – מזון mazon

Hebrew Verbs Related to Hiking

to hike – לטייל l’tayel
to see – לראות lirot
to sleep – לישון lishot
to cook – לבשל l’bishel
to eat – לאכול le’echol
to drink – לשתות lishtot
to hunt (animal) – לצוד latsod
to stop – להפסיק l’hasfik
to rest – לנוח lano’ach
to gather (things) – לאסוף le’asof
to climb – לטפס l’tapes
to build – לבנות l’vnot

Heberew Adjectives to Use When Outside

All these adjectives are in their masculine form

big (m) – גדול gadol
cold (m) – קר kar
hot – חם cham
important – חשוב chashuv
scary – מפחיד maf’chid
warm – חמים chamim
relaxing – מרגיע margi’a
tired – עייף ayef
far – רחוק rachok
excited – נרגש nirgash
difficult – קשה kashe
beautiful – יפה yafe

Study Summary with Photos

The rock is big!

הסלע הגדולה – hasela hagadolah

The sun is hot

השמש חמה – hashemesh chamah

I’m tired

אני עייף – ani ayef (if you’re a male)
אני עייפה – ani ayefah (if you’re a female)

The sunset is beautiful

השקיעה יפה – hashki’ah yafah

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