How to Wish Someone a Happy Birthday in Yiddish

how to wish happy birthday in yiddish with hasid in background

There comes a time in every man or woman’s life where he or she must speak a little Yiddish. It’s like adding salt and pepper to an egg. Saying Happy Birthday in Yiddish is a sure way of getting all eyes and ears on you at your friend’s birthday party. So how do you say […]

6 Best Books to Learn Yiddish

6 books to learn yiddish

Are you looking for the top books to improve your Yiddish? Well we’ve done the research find you the 6 best books to learn Yiddish in 2020. These books will help you grasp the standard or academic Yiddish variant in 4-6 weeks of moderate study. If you’re looking for how to start learning the language, […]

How to Learn and Speak Yiddish

how to learn and speak yiddish

Back in my high school days I was studying various languages such as Russian, Arabic, and Hebrew. However, one language stood out to me as being my favorite… Yiddish. I enjoyed every aspect of the language, from its chutzpah, to the way it looked on paper. Given that Yiddish doesn’t have as many resources as […]

5 Instagram Accounts to Follow if You’re Learning Hebrew

5 Instagram accounts to follow to learn hebrew

Are you looking to improve your Hebrew using social media? A quick dose of Hebrew when you open up Instagram will help you in your exposure method to the language. We found these five Instagram accounts to upload consistent and in-depth content that will supplement your Hebrew learning experience. #1 SpeakWith Ofir Follow: @speakwith_ Speak […]

7 Best Books to Accelerate Your Hebrew Learning in 2022

7 Best Books to Learn Modern Hebrew

Are you looking to improve your Hebrew? In our previous article about Hebrew reading practice we discussed how practice is important for learning how to read Hebrew, but it’s the most important factor in any skill. By the way, we’re talking about Modern Hebrew, sorry Biblical Hebrew learners :/ Do Books Really Help People Learn […]

Hebrew Reading Practice and Resources

Hebrew Reading Practice and Resources

Have 5 minutes to practice your Hebrew? Keep reading as we’ve put together a short article that will help you improve your reading with AND without Hebrew vowels. This post is going to assume you know the basics of the Hebrew alphabet, and have at some familiarity with the Niqqud vowel system. People wonder how […]

Is Hebrew a Hard Language to Learn?

is hebrew a hard language to learn

Whether you’re looking to go to Israel, speak with friends or family, or explore Judaism with biblical Hebrew, we’ve put together an in-depth article to inform you just how hard Hebrew is to learn… it’s actually not hard and here’s why! Be sure to check out our other articles Hebrew Reading Practice and Resources 5 […]