The Akateko Language

What is the Akateko language?

Spoken by roughly 49,000 people across the world, Akateko (Acateco), Akatek, Western Qan’job’al, or Kuti’ is a Mayan language primarily spoken in Huehuetenango, Guatemala.

How Old is Akateko?

It is believed that sometime between 1400 AD and 1500 AD Akaeko spilt from the Q’anjobalan Proper language group… just before Columbus pulled up.

Where Did Akateko Come From?

Akateko is a descendant of the Proto-Mayan family which dates back to around 2000 B.C. After around 500 years, we see the origins of the Huastecan, Yucatecan, Ch’olan, Western, Q’anjobalan, and Eastern branches. The Q’anjobalan branch then turned into the Q’anjobalan Proper branch which ultimately split into several languages including the Akateko language.

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