Modernizing Yiddish a Message Far Ale Mentschen

Yiddish, far vos Yiddish? Why Yiddish? To be completely honest I don’t know why. I was exposed to a little Yiddish when I was a baby from my mother when she would sing to me. Aside from that I didn’t have that much exposure to the language until I was in high school. Ever since I embarked on Yiddish, it’s always had a soft spot in my heart.

Reading, Writing, Speaking or Listening?

So when it comes to learning Yiddish, I will be focusing primarily reading and writing. Practical conversation will be difficult as there aren’t many Yiddish speakers who aren’t in the Orthodox community, and finding a partner will be challenging. Also if you read my how to learn Yiddish blog you’ll recall that there are various dialects of the language. While they aren’t super different, they do pose another obstacle when conversing with other Yiddish speakers.

For the most part I want to be able to read and write. Most of my content will be revolved around me writing and reciting a script. Although down the line I’d love to be conversationally fluent in the language.

I’m Going to Create a Bunch of Content

So the aim of this journey is to build a system in which I can accumulate enough Yiddish vocabulary and grammatical understanding so that I can create YouTube videos talking about various topics in Yiddish.

My first goal is to be able to explain what Search Engine Optimization is in Yiddish. For those of you who don’t know, I also run a second company that focuses on digital marketing called JCSURGE. My main service focuses around website design and search engine optimization or SEO. Without getting to technical, I essentially help businesses get found on Google.

Because a lot of the vocabulary would be made up of loan words, I’d imagine it not being super difficult. Although I could be dead wrong.

My goal is to start making these videos by the end of May 2020.

Writing Articles in Yiddish

Another objective of mine is to be able to write articles, similar to the ones I’ve been writing on KOJII, but in Yiddish. Again, a lot of loan words are going to come in handy!

Almost all the content I’m going to produce will be in Academic or Standard Yiddish since the most resources are in that dialect.

If You’re Learning or Speak Yiddish

I’m looking to partner up with other learners and speakers of the Yiddish language to produce this variety of content. I’m not talking about Jewish culture, or Jewish literature, I’m talking about completely secular and modernized content, similar to what was published during the eve of the Holocaust in the early 30’s and late 20’s.

Hit me up guys!

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