Yiddish vs Hebrew How Different Are the Two Languages?

yiddish vs hebrew with respective flags

People often confuse Yiddish and Hebrew for being close languages. At first glance the two languages might look identical, and to be fair they’re both Jewish languages so shouldn’t they be similar? The short answer is no. Hebrew (Biblical and Modern) is a Semitic language, while Yiddish is a Germanic language. Both use the Hebrew […]

How to Wish Someone a Happy Birthday in Yiddish

how to wish happy birthday in yiddish with hasid in background

There comes a time in every man or woman’s life where he or she must speak a little Yiddish. It’s like adding salt and pepper to an egg. Saying Happy Birthday in Yiddish is a sure way of getting all eyes and ears on you at your friend’s birthday party. So how do you say […]